Sweepmaster RM QQS 200

Sweepmaster RM QQS 200
The Sweepmaster RM QQS 200 is a compact vacuum sweeping machine for use in both indoor and outdoor areas.
Ride-on Vacuum Sweeper Dust-free sweeping. Extremely economical. Whilst comfortably seated. Area performance
Its manoeuvrability, due to the directly coupled front wheel, means driving is easy even in narrow aisles. The modern, convenient cockpit enables fatigue-free operation.The large dimensioned, innovative cylindrical brush and high-performance suction turbine provide perfect sweeping result . High quality and robust construction ensure excellent cleaning results in indoor and outdoor areas..Sweepmaster RM QQS 200 is available with an electric drive and various battery systems for emission-free indoor use and with a hydrostatic drive and speed regulated petrol engine for outdoor deployment. 
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Origin: ITALIA
Origin: ITALIA Debris Industrial Vehicles sit Scan
Model: RM QQS 200
Dedicated sweeper vehicles, small and medium vacuum sweeper. The body is constructed of impact-resistant ABS plastic, resistant to all weather and surroundings. There is garbage and dirty compartment. Use for factories, hospitals, airports,
Working width with central brush / working width brush between the axis (cm): 100
- Working width with side brush / width to work with brushes hips (cm): 130
- Electric motor / electric motor (V / W): 48/1200
- Motor brush (V / W): 48/600
- Traction motor / motor power assist (V / W): 48/400
- Electric filter shaker / Filter (V / W): 48/80
- Batteries / Battery (V / Ah): 48/150
- Autonomy up to / work time (h): 3-4
- Ability to work (m2 / h): 9,000
- Capacity hopper debris / garbage containers (L): 200
- Forward speed / working speed (km / h): 0-9
- Noise level / Noise level (dB): 72
- Weight (kg): 500
- LxWxH (mm): 1650x1300x1400