ROMA composite floor scrubber MODEL RM 50B New

ROMA composite floor scrubber MODEL RM 50B New
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The ROMA Combined Floor Scrubber is designed and engineered to combine both scrubbing and water (dirty) features together. Suitable for factories, hospitals, trade centers ...
Cleaned track width 500 mm
 Squeegee width 815 mm 
Hourly performance 1950 m2 /h
 Number of brushes 1 n°
Brush diameter 500 mm
Max brush pressare 25 Kg
Brush rotation speed 155Rpm 
Brush motor power 650 W
Drive motor power (Brush)
Maximum speed 4 Km/h 
Suction motor power 550W 
Noise level  58 dB(a)
Solution tank 50 L
Recovery tank 50L 
Wheel diameter 200 mm
Net weight without batteries 67 Kg
Number of batteries 2 n° 
Series battery voltage 24 V
Single battery capacity 110 Ah
Single battery weight  30Kg
 Power supply voltage 24 VDC 
Spare parts: - Floor sanding, pad mounting
02 bottles, 01 charger, water table